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George Probert
The Incredible George Probert: Am I Blue?

G.H.B. Records [ BCD-70 ]    

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  • Ernie Carson, tp
  • Skip Dirringer, tbn
  • George Probert, ss
  • Shorty Johnspn, tba
  • Bill Fry, dms
  • Chris Tyle, tp
  • Mike Owen, tbn
  • John Royen, p
  • Lars Edegran, gtr
  • Hal Smith, dms
  • On The Good Ship Lollipop
  • I Would Do Most Anything For You
  • Mama's Gone, Goodbye
  • Once Or Twice
  • Everything Is Peaches Down in Georgia
  • Oh By Jingo
  • Melancholy Baby
  • You're Driving Me Crazy
  • Some Sweet Day
  • Must Have That Man
  • Never Swat A Fly
  • Alabama Jubilee
  • That's My Home
  • Dusky Stevedore

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