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Videos from the Jazzology Family of Record Labels

After Hours At Art's Place #2 (dvd)

Featuring: Kenny Davern, Bill Price, Butch Thompson, Herb Hall, Art Hodes, Red Maddock and many more. The Legendary 1979 TV Night Club Performances, , DVD format only…

Mem: $10.00   Non: $10.00

New Orleans Jazzmen (dvd)

Featuring: Rare vintage films Of Bunk Johnson, Punch Miller, Emile Barnes, Kid Thomas, Mauel Manetta, John Handy, George Lewis, Kid Howard, Jim Robinson, Paul Barbarin., , DVD format only…

Mem: $10.00   Non: $10.00

Barry Martyn's Legends Of Jazz (dvd)

Featuring: Leo Dejan, tpt, Sam Lee, clt, John Ewing, tbn, Alton Purnell, pno, A. Morris, sbs, Barry Maryn, drs. Guest Papa Jac Assunto. DVD format only…

Mem: $10.00   Non: $10.00

After Hours At Art's Place (dvd)

Featuring: Wingy Manone, Little Brother Montgomery, Herb Hall, Benny Morton, Art Hodes, Truck Parham, Hillard Brown, Red Maddock. Hosted by Art Hodes, two legendary performances made in Minneapolis in 1979. Taken from the original 3/4 inch master tapes, these new shows give a wonderful insight into the world of the famous jazz veteran.,  , DVD format on…

Mem: $10.00   Non: $10.00

New Orleans Piano Players (dvd)

Featuring: An extremely rare film documenting the styles of New Orleans piano players: Manuel Manetta, Richard M. Jones, Alton Purnell, Joe Robichaux, Fats Pichon, Burnell Santiago and many others. Introduced by Rickie Monie. DVD Format Only.…

Mem: $10.00   Non: $10.00

Sing On: A Film Of New Orleans Brass Bands (vhs)

Featuring: Documenting the Traditional Brass Band throught the 1960's. VHS format only - available in PAL or NTSC…

Mem: $10.00   Non: $10.00

Baby Dodds Drumming (vhs)

Featuring: Baby Dodds, Josiah Frazier, Alfred Williams, Abbey "Chinese" Foster & Milfred Dolliole. VHS format only - available in PAL or NTSC…

Mem: $10.00   Non: $10.00