Flip Phillips
Progressive  PCD-7063   Released: 08/01/2019


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This album came about in the year 1974. After one of the Odessa Jazz Concerts we all went to a party at the home of Doctor John Sheets. At the Party everyone was feeling nicely. Lou Stein and I were at the coffee urn and I told Lou we have to make an album together and call it “Flipenstein.” Well, Mousie Alexander, overhearing nearby, fell on the floor laughing. I picked him up and said, “Wait a minute, Monsters and Vampires love music too. Did you see the picture “Frankenstein,” when the old man played the fiddle? That's the only time the monster smiled.” He fell on the floor again. Well, after seven years, Lou and I got together at his Castle and collaborated on these eight tasty tunes. We brought in two more Monsters on their instruments. Namely, Butch Miles on drums and Mike Moore on bass and with the aid of ghoulish Gus Statiras we made the album July 20, 1981. I'm not going to tell you how everyone played on this album. Listen to it and decide for yourself. I think it's a monster album. If you don't like this - you don't like broccoli.Much Love — Flip Phillips * excerpt from liner notes

Phillips, best known for his years with Woody Herman and Jazz at the Philharmonic, recorded this set for Progressive in 1981 in partnership with Lou Stein, one of the most versatile jazz pianists extant. The album title is carried through to the set, which includes several numbers with an eerie orientation. The group also includes Butch Miles on drums and Mike Moore on bass, and they have a lot of fun with the numbers. This set also includes four alternate takes for your comparative listening. - Paige VanVorst


  • Flip Phillips - Tenor Sax
  • Lou Stein - Piano
  • Mike Moore - Bass
  • Butch Miles - Drums


  • Satan Takes A Holiday
  • Witchcraft
  • Vampire's Dream
  • Dracula's Dance
  • Ghoul Of My Dreams
  • Ghost Of A Chance
  • Hangman's Noose
  • The Claw
  • Satan Takes A Holiday (alt-t3)
  • Ghoul Of My Dreams (alt-t3)
  • Ghost Of A Chance (alt-t1)
  • Hangman's Noose (alt-t1)

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