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Al Trace
And His Musicians

Circle Records [ CCD-109 ]    

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  • Al Trace
  • Toni Arden
  • Jackie Van
  • Red Maddock
  • Nate Wexler
  • Oh! Maria
  • He's Home For a Little While
  • Sorry
  • A Street Light in Brooklyn
  • When I'm Walking My Baby Along
  • To Have and To Hold
  • Mairsy Doats
  • I Cross My Heart
  • Take It Away
  • The Mission of the Roses
  • I'll Take You in My Arms
  • You Bit Off More Than You Can Chew
  • More Than Yesterday
  • Worried
  • Hours I Remember
  • Just For Me
  • Where Is The Chicken in The Chicken Chow Mwin?
  • I'd Like To Be a Cow Farmer in the USA

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