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Steve Pistorius | Mahogany Hall Stompers
'Taint No Sin

G.H.B. Records [ BCD-289 ]    

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  • Steve Pistorius (piano)
  • Scott Black (cornet)
  • Jacques Gauthe (clarinet & alto sax)
  • John Gill (bass sax & tenor banjo, vocals)
  • Chris Tyle (drums)
  • 'Taint No Sin-Drop That Sack
  • She Keeps It Up All The Time
  • Brush Stomp
  • Alcoholic Blues
  • Red Man Blues
  • There Ain't No Maybe In My Baby's Eyes
  • I'm Not Rough
  • My Heart-Save It, Pretty Mama
  • Original Jelly Roll Blues
  • Don't You Leave Me Here
  • I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now
  • What's The Reason I'm Not Pleasin' You
  • Why?
  • New Orleans Wiggle
  • Running Time (62:34) (©
  • 1989)

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