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Keith Smith with George Lewis\' Jazz Band

G.H.B. Records [ BCD-266 ]    

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  • George Lewis, clt
  • Keith Smith,tpt
  • Hugh Watts, tbn
  • George Guesnon, bjo
  • Slow Drag Pavageau, sbs
  • Cie Frazier, drs
  • Jimmy Archey,tbn
  • Darnell Howard, clt
  • Alton Purnell, pno
  • Pops Foster,sbs
  • April and March 1966,NYC.
  • Thriller Rag
  • B Flat Blues
  • Get Out Of Here
  • E Flat
  • escape from Me
  • Dixieland One Step
  • Franklin Street Blues
  • Weary Blues
  • Kid Sonny's Blues
  • Georgia Camp.

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