Artist Name Song Name
Geoff Bull
In New Orleans

G.H.B. Records [ BCD-203 ]    
BCD Release Date: 05/01/2012

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  • Geoff Bull, tp
  • Raymond Burke, cl
  • James 'Sing' Miller, p & vcl
  • James Prevost, bs
  • Josiah 'Cie' Frazier, dms
  • Peculiar
  • Do You Ever Think Of Me
  • Porter's Love Song
  • One For The Road
  • I'm Nobody's Baby
  • All Alone By The Telephone
  • Nevertheless
  • Tuck Me To Sleep
  • Jeep's Blues
  • Zero (I Never Knew What A Gal Could Do)
  • The Night When Love Was Born
  • Let Jesus Fix It For You
  • Honey
  • When I Grow Too Old To Dream

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