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Cat-ID: PCD-7060/7061

Mal Waldron - Mal '81 & News: Run About Mal

Recording Artists: Mal Waldron (p); George Mraz (b); Al Foster (d); Recorded New York 1981...

Songs: Disc One: It Could Happen To You; Summertime; Angel Eyes; Autumn Leaves; Body And Soul; I Surrender, Dear; Yesterdays; All Of You; I Surrender, Dear (r...


Cat-ID: PCD-7138


Recording Artists: Jack Reilly,(p); Jack Six, (sb); Ronnie Bedford, (d-perc)...

Songs: With A Song In My Heart; January; Minor Your Own Amos; November; Lento For Carol; Kyrie...


Cat-ID: ACD-272


Recording Artists: Mike Campbell (v); Steve Huffsteter, Clay Jenkins (t); Bruce Paulson (tb); Lanny Morgan (as); Tom Peterson, Bob Sheppard (ts); Tom Garvin (p); Dan Sawy...

Songs: Music's The Only Thing That's On My Mind; A Little Taste; Bein' Green; I Love You In 3/4 Time; I Have The Feeling I've Been Here Before; Sweet Lorr...

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