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Cat-ID: JZB-13

The Original Tuxedo Jazz Band by Sally Newhart

Recording Artists: In 1910, The Tuxedo Jazz Band Played For The First Time At The Tuxedo Dance Hall In Storyville Under Oscar Celestin. The Popular Ensemble Went On To Pl...

Songs: N/a...


Cat-ID: BCD-139


Recording Artists: Don Albert, Tp & Vcl; Louis Cottrell, Cl; Frog Joseph, Tbn; Jeanette Kimball, P; Placide Adams, Bs; Paul Barbarin, Dms; Kid Howard, Tp, Punch Miller, T...

Songs: Roses Of Picardy; Lily Of The Valley; Holding My Savior's Hand; After The Ball Is Over; Breeze; Tuck Me To Sleep; Trouble In Mind; Long Long Trail A W...


Cat-ID: AMCD-128

Papa Celestin - Oscar Papa Celestin with Adolphe Alexander

Recording Artists: Oscar Papa Celestin (tp); Adolphe Alexander (as); Joe "cornbread" Thomas, Alphonse Picou (cl); Eddie Pierson, Bill Matthews (tb); Octave Crosby (p); ...

Songs: Panama; Darktown Strutters' Ball; Maryland, My Maryland; Eh! La Bas!; Jambalaya; Victory Walk; Saints; Yes Sir, That's My Baby; San; Woodchoppers' B...


Cat-ID: BCD-53

Kid Thomas Valentine - & His Algiers Stompers

Recording Artists: Kid Thomas, Tp; Emanuel Paul, Ts; Louis Nelson, Tbn; Charlie Hamilton, P; Joseph Butler, Bs; Sammy Penn, Dms; George Guesnon, Bj; Octave Crosby, P; 196...

Songs: Kid Thomas Boogie Woogie; Down By The Riverside; Algiers Waltz; Sweet Georgia Brown; Over The Waves; Eh! La Bas; The Streets Of The City; My Blue Heave...


Cat-ID: BCD-106


Recording Artists: On a Titles, Oscar papa Celestin, Trumpet; Edward red Pierson, Trombone; Joe Thomas, Clarinet; Adolphe Alexander, Alto Sax; Jeanette Kimball, Pia...

Songs: (a) Spoken Introduction; Down By The Riverside; When The Saints Go Marching In; Marie La Veau; Oh Didn't He Ramble; (b) High Society; Closer Walk With ...

Papa Celestin

Reviews By Scott Yanow

Reviews Of Jcd-86 And Bcd-117
Doc Evans (JCD-86) and Monk Hazell (BCD-117)...
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