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Cat-ID: BCD-516

Mardi Gras Parade Music From New Orleans, Vol 2

Recording Artists: Tospy Chapman & Thais Clark; New Orleans Roof Jazz Men With Lionel Ferbos; Doc Evans; George Girard; Elle Fitzgerald With The Chick Webb Orchestra; Don...

Songs: Bourbon Street Parade; Sweethearts On Parade; King Bolden On Parade; New Orleans Parade; Darktown Strutters Ball; After The Ball Is Over; King Of The...


Cat-ID: BCD-495


Recording Artists: Bob Barnard, Cnt; Frank Traynor, Tbn; Fred Parkes, Clt; Graham Coyle, Pno; Peter Cleaver, Bjo; Ron Williamson, Tbs; Len Barnard ,drs; And Many More:
Songs: 1919 March; Snag It; King Of The Zulus; Brown Skin Mama; It's Tigh Jim; Original Georgia Grind; Working Man Blues; Cushion Foot Stomp; Sunset Cafe Sto...

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