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Cat-ID: BCD-471

Lars Edegran - New Orleans Jazz

Recording Artists: Duke Heitger, Tp; Evan Christopher, Cl; Fred Lonzo, Tbn; Tom Fischer, Cl & Ts; Lionel Ferbos, Tp &vcl; Jack Maheu, Cl; Cookie Gabriel, Vcl; John Robich...

Songs: Boodle Am Shake; Write Myself A Letter; Tico Tico; If We Can't Be The Same Old Sweethearts; Stelutis Alpinis; I'm Getting Sentimental Over You; Sweet...


Cat-ID: BCD-210


Recording Artists: Lars Edegran, Piano, Banjo, Guitar & Leader; William Russell, Violin; Lionel Ferbos, Trumpet & Vocal; Orange Kellin, Clarinet; Paul Crawford, Trombone;...

Songs: Dill Pickles; Eugenia; Alabama Bound; Don't You Leave Me Here; Temptation Rag; Old New Orleans Blues; Pretty Doll; Powder Rag; Tishomingo Blues; Sugar ...


Cat-ID: BCD-337

Lars Edegran Presents Lionel Ferbos & John Robichaux

Recording Artists: Lionel Ferbos, Trumpet & Vocal; John Robichaux, Drums & Vocal; Lars Edegran, Piano & Guitar; Sammy Rimmington, Clarinet & Alto Sax; Fred Lonzo, Trombon...

Songs: You Always Hurt The One You Love; If I Could Be With You; I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter; All That I Ask Of You Is Love; What Will...

Buck Box For Jazz Beat Volume 19 # 2

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