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Cat-ID: SACD-171

Kris Tokarski - Classic Rags New Orleans Style

Recording Artists: Kris Tokarski (p) ;cassidy Holden (b); Hal Smith (d) 2016...

Songs: Pastime Rag #3; Heliotrope Bouquet; Kinklets; Peacherine Rag; Elite Syncopations; Ragtime Nightingale; Grace And Beauty; Please Say You Will; Sunflower...


Cat-ID: BCD-479

ARMAND HUG - Plays A. J. Piron & Other Delectable Ditties

Recording Artists: Armand Hug, P; Edmond Souchon, Vcl; Joe Capraro, Gtr; Jo Linn, Vcl; Chink Martin, Bs; Jack Delaney, Tbn; Phil Darois, Bs...

Songs: Bouncin' Around; Day By Day; Kiss Me, Sweet; Mama Goes Where Papa Goes; I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate; Purple Rose Of Cairo; I Can Beat Yo...


Cat-ID: SACD-81

Knocky Parker - from Cakewalk to Ragtime to Ballroom

Recording Artists: Knocky Parker (p); Bill Coffman (org); Robbie Rhodes (p)...

Songs: Creole Belles; Sunflower Slow Drag; Heliotrope Bouquet; Smoky Mokes; Ragtime Nightingale; Silver Swan; Grace And Beauty; Something Doing; Swipsey Cakew...


Cat-ID: BCD-382


Recording Artists: Pierre Claessens, Clarinet; Bruno Van Acoleyen, Trumpet; Philippe De Smet, Trombone; J. P. De Smet, Drums; Karel Algoed, String Bass; Norbert Detaye, P...

Songs: Beneath Hawaiian Skies; One Sweet Letter From You; Gate's Blues; I'm Sorry I Made You Cry; Yes, Lord I'm Crippled; Ramona; Jambalaya; One Night; Tell M...


Cat-ID: JCD-72


Recording Artists: personnel1-6: Tony Parenti,clt; Ralph Sutton,pno; George Wettling,drs; 7-15: Evan Christopher, Clt; Jeff Barnhart,pbo; Hal Smith, Drs...

Songs: Cataract Rag; Entertainers Rag; The Lily Rag; Redhead Rag; Crwafish Crwal; Nonsense Rag; Rubber Plant Rag; Bohemia; Heliotrope Bouquet; Doc Brown's Cak...

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Armand Hug Plays A.j. Peron [bcd-479] Cd Review By Scott Yanow